Research summary diary of fenbendazole on cancer treatment and related principles and cases

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first of all

First of all, my family and my friends do not currently have cancer. Being curious about science and yearning for top-notch medicine, I learned more about the treatment of cancer by fenbendazole.

At the beginning

Initially, about a few months ago, I saw a piece of news. The news spreads in the tone of entertainment news. The content of the news is roughly that a patient with terminal cancer has completely cured the cancer by taking canine anthelmintics, and has still ruled out the tumor until now. And I checked the screenshots in the news. The package box of the dog anthelmintic clearly reads the full English name of Fenbendazole, Fenbendazole. A deep Google search found that at present, Fenbendazole (Fenbendazole) is a highly effective, low-toxic, low-cost canine anthelmintic, which can kill dogs extensively. "It is not only effective against adults and larvae of gastrointestinal nematodes. It has a high insect repellent activity, and has a good effect on Dictychus, Fasciola and tapeworm, and has a strong insecticidal effect."-Baidu Baike By further searching for related academic papers. It was found that fenbendazole not only has a very good killing effect on canine parasites, but also has a very good killing effect on various parasites of other livestock. See the following link: Baidu academic search fenbendazole. As shown below: URL:

The past few decades. After decades of continuous accumulation and selection, the synthetic route for large-scale production of fenbendazole has been basically fixed. It is very mature.

Important literature

Further search for related papers. It was discovered that nature's official website had published anti-cancer research papers about fenbendazole about 1 year ago, URL: This is nature presented paper. The inhibitory effect of FZ on tumors is described in detail. If you can't open it, please use various methods.

simply put. The mechanisms that may lead to cancer cell apoptosis and tumor shrinkage are mentioned from several aspects.

1. Microtubule inhibition, that is, fenbendazole has an inhibitory effect on the angiogenesis of cancer cells.

2. Inhibit the absorption of sugar. Cancer cells and ordinary cells have different requirements for sugar. Cancer cells have roughly 10 times the demand for sugar. (I'm not a professional medical scientist, I just check the information and mention these data, please don't make a brick, if you have more accurate data, please contact me).

3. Fenbendazole caused the death and death of cancer cells. The specific mechanism is unknown.

The paper mentioned that scientists used fenbendazole to carry out in vitro cancer cell experiments, which had a certain killing effect, and then carried out in vivo experiments and found that the effect was basically the same.

At present, the patient who is using fenbendazole to treat cancer abroad continues to update his article, which has posted many cases of cancer treatment after taking fenbendazole. Most of them mentioned positive effects. For example, the tumor shrinks, for example, the rate of cancer metastasis is reduced or metastasis does not occur.

After understanding the author's medication in detail. It is learned that it uses a mixed treatment of multiple drugs, including: fenbendazole, vitamin E, turmeric, and cannabis extract. Various data show that fenbendazole and vitamin E are the main drugs that produce effects. Moreover, it is mentioned in many documents that only fenbendazole is taken alone, and the effect is very limited. Combined use of vitamin E will have better results. The principle is unknown at present, I guess it may be that vitamin E can improve the intestinal absorption of fenbendazole, or vitamin E can be very effective in inhibiting and treating cancer by carrying out a certain catalytic reaction with fenbendazole in the intestine. Of the substance.

to sum up

I am a computer science professional myself, with no medical background, and rarely involved in the medical field. The above information is almost completely searched, sorted, refined and summarized through Google, Baidu, and bing. Special thanks to Google. Its Google translation product can be read almost accurately when translating professional medical papers, which is really a great product.

In addition, I hope that there are friends and family members who are suffering from cancer, you can suggest him or her to read this article. And try this direction. The treatment of fenbendazole is very cheap, the manufacture of this kind of drug is very simple, and there is no patent protection that any country or individual can manufacture, buy and use. Perhaps the lack of patent protection is also the reason why fenbendazole has not been found to be useful for cancer treatment. Because no pharmaceutical company would spend huge sums of money to conduct clinical trials and systematic experiments on a drug without patent protection, which is too expensive.

Therefore, this is not a rumored article about a folk remedy, this is a real scientific popularization article. The purpose of my description and expression in an easy-to-understand way is that life is precious.

Finally, we hope that fenbendazole can have new effects on humans. I wish the patient a speedy recovery.

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Research summary diary of fenbendazole on cancer treatment and related principles and cases


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